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If you want to work fast, walk alone but if you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb.
By committing our resources, we are determined to see Africa’s Queens Empowered, Recognised, and Celebrated but the life-changing opportunity with all the perks deserving of a true Queen will only be made possible by the partners and sponsors who share our mission and vision of an Empowered Africa where her Queens are given the opportunities to blossom.
We invite you to journey with us and we journey with Africa’s Queens.
Your names will be heard around Africa.

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One Stage, 53 Countries, Over 10 Millions Views.

Imagine the possibilities.

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Research has proven that 10 of 10 people will notice and probably steer at a beautiful African woman.
As Africans and the world take notice of her African beauty, your brand will be noticably be on display. Visibility is Queen for your brand.
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Our Charities

Heroines of the Fallen

(Non-Profit initiative of the Queen of the Union, Africa)

Most of the world has advanced significantly but many parts of Africa is still ravaged by war, coup -de – tats and terrorism.The primary victims of war are the Men but the burden carriers are the Women who have to live through the agony of raising families by themselves.

Our initiative to partner with the Armed Forces to provide relief, aid and support for the wives of the fallen heroes demonstrates our commitment to Africa’s true treasure – our Women and Queens.

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