Our Story

We are the Queen of the Union, Africa – Africa’s Aspiring ‘Most Influential’ Beauty Pageant Brand. We pride ourselves as talented curators for Africa’s beauty with the African Woman as the epicenter of our endeavors. We’re going across the continent in search of Africa’s greatest treasure – Africa’s Queens. We recognize, empower and celebrate our Queens for their beauty, self -worth and contributions to the continent.

Our Mission

Africa is home to the best Music, Art, Fashion & breath-taking Landscape.
However, nothing compares to the beauty and power of the African Woman who knows and understands her self worth. Our Mission to help the African Woman know and re-discover her self-worth as she represents the glue of the continent – that’s her greatness.

Our Vision

Unify Africa with the power and value of the African Woman’s true Beauty.

Our Purpose

We are creating platforms for Africa’s Queens to be empowered to tell our African stories through our lens to the rest of the World. We are putting Africa’s Queens on a prestigious and influential stage to represent the

symphony of Africa’s Beauty.

Brand Values


We believe a single bracelet never jingles. Through collaborations, we are able to amplify our impact and voice across the continent. With collaborations comes mutual respect for the contributions of our stakeholders, partners and our online communities.


Our brand is like a Ghanaian Kente cloth – it is different colors of the yarn that magnifies the overall brilliance and beauty of the fabric.
Africa is a different people cut from the same fabric – we can only weave a beautiful cloth by bringing and keeping all the colors together.


We believe in empowerment of Africa but specifically, the African Woman because empowerment is energetic. Once a Woman elevates her self -worth, values and influence, a family, society and continent follows closely.

Visionnaire’s Remark

Over the years, I have had many dreams and ambitions but nothing continues to tug on my heart like this one – the vision of seeing the woman blossom to her full potential.

As a Father of Daughters, I believe in the possibilities of the Woman but more specifically, the African Woman. Africa is a land of vast opportunities but there are not so many for our girls and daughters.

Our mission creates a platform of opportunities that can transform lives across the continent. As a brand, we want the African Woman to know and recognize her
self – worth because Africa is depending on her to find her voice and through her unique lens, tell our stories to the rest of the world.

President, Queen of the union Africa

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