Queen Of the Union, Africa (Nigeria)

Eligibility for Participation

  1. Applicants for Queen of the Union, Nigeria must be between 18 – 24 years old.
  2. Applicants must not be older than 24 years before the beginning of her reign. 
  3. She must be Nigerian and in possession of a Valid Nigerian Passport.
  4. Dual citizens are permitted but we require proof of both Nationalities. 
  5. For sponsorship requirements, a valid drivers’ license will be required if the applicant makes it to the finals rounds. 
  6. Applicants must have as a minimum educational requirement: Under-graduate, graduate or a degree holding working professional at the time of application. 
  7. Please note that if you qualify to the semi -finals, you will be required to provide proof of qualification. 
  8. Applicants should never have been married (civil or customary).
  9. Queen of the Union, Africa (Nigeria) requires that title holding Queen remains unmarried during her reign in accordance with strict regulations that must be adhered to during her reign. 
  10. The applicant cannot be pregnant or be the legal guardian of any minor. 
  11. Applicants should have no criminal records at the time of application. 
  12. For us at Queen of the Union, Africa, honesty is the best policy. Any false and misleading information submitted by the applicant will not be tolerated as we have the sole discretion to disqualify participation from the pageant or terminate the reign of a titleholder.

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